Transvision 1.0 was created by Philippe Dessante, former team leader of the French Mozilla localization team handled by the FrenchMozilla non-profit.

In 2012, FrenchMozilla localization activities were merged with the wider MozFR organization. As part of this process, Transvision maintenance and developments since 1.0 were transferred to MozFR.

You can find the list of contributors on our GitHub page. Many localizers, and in particular localizers from the French team, have contributed to Transvision by giving feedback and making feature requests.

Transvision was created thanks to the following Open Source Software:

The Transvision logo was created by Elio Qoshi from the Mozilla Community Design team.

Transvision’s code is available on GitHub. Statistics about the project can be found on Transvision Open Hub page.

Transvision is a community project under the MozFR umbrella. The server is sponsored and hosted by Gandi.

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